About Us

A.I.M Mentoring Program

The “A.I.M.” Mentoring Program is sponsored by the Potter’s House of Alabama, Inc. A.I.M. has vowed to take the natural leaders of our community and help guide the way for our future leaders. Mentoring is the act of providing guidance and friendship to someone who could use a role model for life's choices and decisions. By mentoring, people can help others reach goals and improve self-esteem. When mentoring children, volunteers offer to help build a strong foundation for youth as they grow.  We have over 30 volunteers in mentoring relationships alone, on top of the hundreds of volunteers who will help at our fundraising events, volunteer drives and through Board involvement. Our “A.I.M.” program requires a volunteer to be at least 18 years old. We want stable, positive people to volunteer. You don't have to be brilliant, athletic, famous or rich - our kids need real people as role models. 


The family (parental) involvement component of the program is designed to increased their knowledge of the individual, relational, community and societal factors contributing to the risk of child maltreatment; Inform and encourage family/parent involvement in activities that buffer children from being abused or neglected; Encourage and support access to counseling and other support services. 


Each year the mentees present a play in honor of their parents to the community to include parents, program contributors, city officials, and school administrators. This program is a culmination of activities during the year. For the past two years, we have allowed the students to create their own awareness platform for the program year. What they feel is important to them and most passionate about in regards to making a change.  The mentees decided bullying was an issue they felt was not being addressed amongst their peers. The students chose to perform “The Three Brothers Gruff” play.  The mentees designed and constructed the school bathroom, football field and vending machine for this play.  This play was such a success that they were asked to perform the production for local churches in the community. .